Cremation of large animals

and pets

In our crematorium it is possible for the first time in Austria to give both pets and large animals (such as ponies, horses, donkeys, alpacas, …) a reverent goodbye in the form of a cremation. Dealing with the deceased animals in a dignified manner is particularly important to us.

We only offer individual cremations. Reverence, reliability, transparency and hygiene are of the utmost importance.

The ashes are returned as quickly as possible – same-day return is also possible after agreement without additional costs.

Upon request, your deceased pet will be collected by us throughout Austria in a vehicle specially equipped for this purpose.

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We are there for you all around the clock!

As we know that death knows no time, we are available around the clock, 365 days a year, without extra charges for Sundays, public holidays or at night, and we are committed to collecting the animal as quickly as possible.

If logistically possible, you can also bring your pet to us in person – please contact us in advance by telephone.

If you would like an urn for your pet’s ashes, we offer a very large selection of urns or even memorial jewellery from our constantly updated urn stock and will be happy to advise you – it is also possible to make personal keepsakes such as precious stones or jewellery from hair.


Immediately upon pick-up or arrival of the deceased animal, the “application for cremation” is filled out with all relevant data with the help of the animal owner, which accompanies the animal up to the return of the ashes.

This procedure and the fact that we only carry out individual cremations ensure that there is no risk of any confusions or mix-ups.

The transport of each deceased animal is carried out with the utmost consideration for the dignity of the animal and its owner. Immediately upon arrival, the animal is carefully weighed using calibrated scales and then carefully placed in the cremation facility.

The cremation of a large animal takes several hours – horse shoes of equines do not have to be removed beforehand and can be taken out of the facility together with the ashes after the cremation.

The bones of the animal are ground by us after the cremation and placed in the desired ash storage. It is possible to either collect the ashes of the animal from us or to receive them by post.

If desired, the ashes can also be placed in one of our three collection crypts or the Franziskus Urnenhain (natural resting place for humans with animals).

The official cancellation of the equine passport will be arranged by us without any unnecessary bureaucracy.

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Cremation costs

Großtiere (Equiden, Alpakas, Lamas, …)

Animals up to 250 kg
Animals up to 400 kg
Animals up to 500 kg
Animals up to 600 kg
Animals up to 700 kg
Larger Animals


Costs for the pick up

Throughout Austria and in bordering regions abroad

The costs for the collection of a large animal depend on the number of kilometres: € 1,– per km / up to 250 km a fixed price of € 300,- applies.

Out of love for the animal, we expressly distance ourselves from all surcharges for Sundays, public holidays and nights as well as hidden additional costs.

All prices in Euro incl. VAT/price as of March 2023
The cremation costs are based on the actual weight of the animal.
Pick-up costs and urns  or memorial decorations are not included in the cremation price.